RENTLYZER [ren-tl-ahy-zer]

The New Way to Find
Investment Homes

Let our A.I. find the best investment homes for you based on your wants and needs


Work Smarter, Not Harder

RENTLYZER is a property analysis tool which aggregates numerous real estate data sources into one user interface. Users have the power to search and measure property performance against a comprehensive set of real estate financial analytics, view school ratings, demographics, location information, and other characteristics to identify investment opportunities which match their unique investment objectives.


Autonomously find homes based on
investor-specific search criteria and goals


Every home can be analyzed with RENTLYZER's algorithm to find investments and compare properties.


Custom Reports viewable in real-time or sent directly to your inbox provide the investor analytics you're looking for.

Powerful Investment Features

Explore our powerful features to discover why RENTLYZER is the investment property search and analysis engine you need to grow your portfolio today!

For Investors

Define your investment goals to receive daily emails with automated search results!

For Agents

Provide your clients with an inventory of potential investment homes and detailed analytics to boost your transactions!

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Want more details? Here's a deep dive into what's included on each plan.

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Detailed Projections

Rentlyzer performs a long term financial analysis on every house you view, giving you an apples to apples comparison.

Stay Informed

Get daily notifications of homes on the market curated for you.

Rehab Wizard

Create rehab estimates based on the size of home, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

Smart Calculations

Analyze profit potential of a flip, with hold period, carrying costs, cost of sale, and more.

Analyze Metrics

Evaluate how your existing properties are performing and forecast future performance.

White Labeling

Analysis pages and PDF reports with your logo, head shot, and contact information.