Initial Changelog

Why start at 0.8.0? We’re almost ready to push out version 1.0.0 and want to keep everyone apprised of the changes, so we’re not quite to the full MVP (Minimal Viable Product) but we will be soon. Here’s what is currently available:

All Users

  • Register as a Realtor or Client
  • Set investment defaults for searching homes
  • Create custom searches based on a drawn area, zip codes, MLS numbers or an address
  • View search results instantly in an easy to digest tile format
  • Save individual homes or an entire search
  • Favorite a home


  • Set Realtor branding defaults that will show to your Clients
  • Create a unique login url to give to Clients


  • Register with a unique login url from your Realtor and get auto-matched with that Realtor
  • View Realtor’s logo, name, and general theme while logged in
  • Email your Realtor from a specific home to request more information

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