First Incremental Change!

This will be the format from now until eternity. Title up top relevant to the change, then a list of changes below:

All Users

  • Added – Sorting on the table for User/Client management
  • Added – Field to view associated Realtors of a Client
  • Added – Lease Renewal Fee is now an optional field when editing the calculator information
  • Changed – Nightly searches for new listings now saves the User specific IRR, ROI and Downpayment to more easily sort by those fields in upcoming releases
  • Changed – Property Management Expense is reduced when house is vacant based on the number of days vacant
  • Fixed – Calculations between searches and individual listings are returning the same results
  • Fixed – Nightly search for new listings is now functioning properly
  • Fixed – Auto-calculation is now working with all fields on the individual listing page
  • Fixed – HOA Fees are pulling from the proper field in MLS to give more accurate results
  • Fixed – Auto-calculating the MAX. SEARCH PRICE now works


  • No Realtor specific changes this time.


  • No Client specific changes this time.

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