Ooooo Tabs and Organization

All Users

  • Added – Tabs on single listing pages to show home information or financial data
  • Added – If custom parameters have been set on a listing, it will show that while searching a listing or viewing a single listing
  • Added – Simple notification showing that your custom parameters on a listing have been auto-saved
  • Changed – When users have auto matched homes from a saved search, the nightly search for those homes will save incremental changes and only show the latest home data
  • Fixed – Issue with years 1-5 calculations not auto-updating on the listing page
  • Fixed – Clients signing up under Realtors will now properly associate with that Realtor’s account and branding
  • Fixed – Year One Cashflow not updating on listing page
  • Removed – Financial data directly under single listing view now that it is in the tabs under the listing heading


  • No Realtor specific changes this time.


  • No Client specific changes this time.

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