Tweaks and Improvements

All Users

  • Added – Single MLS pulls, if a user searches and MLS that isn’t in our database, we run another individual search in the background to see if it’s in the Houston MLS database
  • Added – Favicons, huge deal I know, now you can see the Rentlyzer logo all the time
  • Changed – General changes to field label wording for consistency and clarity
  • Changed – Set a maximum width on certain pages for users with monitors way to big for any practical use
  • Changed – Registration of a client will now auto-associate the Realtor’s account if the client uses the Realtor custom login URL
  • Changed – Split the MLS Id of the Realtor and the Custom URL field so you can use your own custom URL
  • Fixed – Issue where favorites sometimes didn’t display properly
  • Fixed – Issue with the favorites star not highlighting if it was actually a favorite
  • Fixed – Issue where the Realtor’s branding information wouldn’t show to Clients


  • No Realtor specific changes this time.


  • No Client specific changes this time.

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