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Ooooo Tabs and Organization All Users Added – Tabs on single listing pages to show home information or financial data Added – If custom parameters have been set on a listing, it will show that while searching a listing or viewing a single listing Added – Simple notification showing that your custom parameters on a…

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First Incremental Change! This will be the format from now until eternity. Title up top relevant to the change, then a list of changes below: All Users Added – Sorting on the table for User/Client management Added – Field to view associated Realtors of a Client Added – Lease Renewal Fee is now an optional…

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Initial Changelog Why start at 0.8.0? We’re almost ready to push out version 1.0.0 and want to keep everyone apprised of the changes, so we’re not quite to the full MVP (Minimal Viable Product) but we will be soon. Here’s what is currently available: All Users Register as a Realtor or Client Set investment defaults…

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