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Home analysis software

Rentlyzer analyzes every home on the MLS as soon in real time, communicates with investors and agents, streamlines the financial and listing details, and maximizes the investment potential. Automatic emails streamline the process and the web-based dashboard allows for clear and easy to understand details. Investors can define their investment goals as well as financial details and most importantly continue to work with their preferred agent!


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What you can do with it – Investors and Agents will have online access to user friendly dashboards and real time analytics of every home on the MLS. Users define investment goals and financial criteria. Rentlyzer finds the available investment opportunities and calculates the analytics for each property. 

How it will help you – As a time saver on searching for possible investments, Rentlyzer will send you automated emails that are cobranded with your preferred agent. Eliminating the need to manually breaking down individual investments will save you time. The detailed analytics will allow you to better understand sustainability of the investment and help minimize risk.

What an Agent can do - Your agent profile will allow you manage your clients through Rentlyzer software and communicate directly with them about investment opportunities. Each agent will set up their own clients within the system and cobrand any communication through Rentlyzer. Agents will be able to search properties and highlight specific 

How it will help you - Providing your investors with a full inventory of potential investment homes and detailed analytics will help boost your transactions. Brightline Property Management is here to manage the homes that you help buy sell and lease!

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