Analyze Any Home on the MLS

Search for homes listed on the MLS and discover which ones meet your unique investment criteria.  Establish geographic search areas, price range, age, bedrooms, size, and minimum investment performance such as Cash-On-Cash return and IRR.

Detailed Analysis and Projections

Using our proprietary financial model, Rentlyzer performs a long term financial analysis on every house you view so you can compare it to others in an apples to apples format. Taking into consideration leasing fees, property management, maintenance, property tax, property insurance, hoa dues, and more and displays cap rate, ROI, IRR, while allowing you to make changes on the fly such as length of ownership, rental rate, etc.

Save Searches, Email Updates

Save your searches and receive email notifications when new listings meet your criteria, or homes in your saved searches have a MLS status change.

Analyze Off-Market Deals

Add pocket listings, wholesale, and other homes that aren’t on the MLS to see how they perform.

Flip Calculator

Analyze profit potential of a flip, considering hold period, carrying costs, cost of sale, and more.

Flip-To-Rent Calculator

Purchasing with a hard money loan and then refinancing? Compare what you would earn as a flip only to what you could earn with the property as a rental for a few years.

Analyze Existing Performance

Input purchase date, price, loan details, and past income and expense data to evaluate how your existing properties are performing, and forecast future performance using the Rentlyzer financial model. Determine ideal hold period for maximum performance.

Rehab Estimate Wizard

Create rehab estimate based on size of home, bedrooms, and bathrooms.  Rentlyzer enables you to input your cost per SF or per item, and then applies those figures to the specifications of the home to arrive at an estimated rehab cost.

Branded Client Experience

Upload your headshot and company logo to give your clients a branded experience.  Analysis pages and PDF reports will print complete with your contact info.  Share listings via social media and email with your contact information.

Multifamily Analysis

Create a unit-mix and change other fields in the financial analysis to properly evaluate a multifamily property, whether on-market or off.

Advanced CapEx Calculations Based on Systems Age

Evaluate capital expenditures based on the age of the roof, HVAC, water heater, appliances, and other systems. Time large expenditures against cumulative cash flow to see how major expenses will affect the investment over time.

WordPress Website Plugin

As a REALTOR®, you can use Rentlyzer to display your hand-selected listings to clients on your website.  Immediately show clients how properties in the area you serve would perform as rentals.

Add Properties to Wholesale Listing Marketplace

REALTORS®, wholesalers, and other PRO Rentlyzer users can display their off-market listings to other Rentlyzer users. Gain exposure for your off-market deals, give users a familiar analysis, and share the complete PDF reports.

Multiple Users

Real estate offices, property managers, wholesalers, and lenders are able to have multiple users working with the same database to better collaborate on properties and communicate with clients.

Client Communication